Antai CNC mortise machine
Processing 45 degrees male and female tenon, square eye, groove processing V-shaped groove, processing straight tenon, processing different types of tenon, processing shoulder tenon, processing reed corner tenon, bending material pulling slot
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Antai CNC mortise machine
Antai CNC tenon machine ~ At the same time processing a variety of shapes and different specifications of mortise and groove work, especially for multi-mortise and groove spacing is small, hole and groove combination, the same workpiece tenon length and depth of different and complex special-shaped parts processing
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Reply: CNC mortise machine, drilling machine
Wider application: suitable for processing a variety of different shapes, different specifications of mortise and groove (hole) workpiece, practical, especially for multi-mortise and groove spacing is small, hole and groove combination, the same workpiece mortise and groove length and depth are different and complex special-shaped workpiece
Processing has significant advantages a variety of different tenons, can be completed in one time processing.
The best-selling model in China, five axis CNC mortise machine.
Hole and groove combination, no need to change the tool.
Multi-slot and mortise slot spacing is small, even zero spacing.
The length and depth of the same workpiece groove are different, and the longitudinal dislocation distribution is completed in one processing.
Hand pulse sampling, convenient and fast.
Adopt precision guide rail, rack, accurate and durable.
The original double-row multi-axis structure has wider application range and higher processing efficiency. The first fixture, flexible clamping arbitrary shape workpiece.

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Reply: mortising machine, drilling machine
Main uses and features: This machine is mainly suitable for drilling mortise on wood, is a kind of traditional furniture making process, but also efficient automatic mortise machine can easily open mortise, is a solid wood furniture, classical furniture production indispensable advanced machinery, automatic mortise machine design reasonable, good production, convenient adjustment of the work table, large motor power, this machine is equipped with energy storage inertia wheel, The drilling effect is more powerful, the efficiency is faster, the automatic mortise machine can play multiple eyes at the same time, the operation is simple, with convenient mobility and operability, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the precision work is more safe and reliable.
This machine is suitable for solid wood, mahogany, bamboo products mortise and groove drilling operations, rotating shaft multi work efficiency, solid body, beautiful appearance, suitable for children's bed mortise drilling operations, factory direct sales, price concessions, welcome to telephone consultation.
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Reply: Woodworking machinery band saw machine, mortise machine
CNC mortising machine double station, multi-spindle, can be installed with different tools, to achieve different forms of mortising, lines and other workpiece processing, the efficiency is equivalent to ten times the efficiency of traditional equipment. Before the CNC mortising machine works, the price difference should be seen whether the machine tool is sharp, whether the clamping is firm, whether the screws in various parts have signs of screw movement, and whether the protection device, the control device, and the electrical device are in good condition. First of all, the machine idling for a few minutes to ensure that all parts of the normal work, the processed wood, the need to press the metal device, with the completion of processing, in order to loosen the press device.
CNC mortising machine studio should pay attention to stay away from the tool, side operation, to prevent tool injury, clean the equipment in time after work, clean, lubricated, and maintain the machine tool, which is that the machine tool can play the maximum performance every time the studio.
Transverse processing size 2500mm
Longitudinal processing size 100mm
The z distance is 300mm
Tool shank diameter 3 to 12.7mm
Spindle speed 18000r/min
Spindle power 3.5kw*5
Overall dimensions (length, width and height) 3400*1700*1500mm
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Mortise machine drilling, mortise and tenon machine brand, efficiency (1)
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Transfer: Automatic mortising machine, woodworking machinery mortising machine, multi-spindle grooves processing
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Antai CNC mortise machine
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Transfer: CNC woodworking tenon machine to make solid wood bed
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MK362B multi-functional small wood mortise and groove machine drilling installation and use method
Drill into the head chisel seat hole, tighten the lock screw on the chisel seat, depending on the core cutting face is higher than the minimum distance of 2m chisel Angle, and ensure the core drilling
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