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You can't afford to worry about the serious consequences of Mike Flange gaskets not tightening
The function of the flange joint is to connect the pipe and play a sealing effect. However, there are many factors that affect the flange sealing, do you understand the consequences that may be caused by the loosening of Michael's flange gasket? What are the effects of loose Michael Flange gaskets? Gasket is the key component to ensure sealing. The appropriate gasket material can make the gasket produce the necessary elastic deformation under the appropriate preload force, and will not be crushed or squeezed out. When working, due to the role of internal pressure, the bolt will be stretched, so that the gap between the flange sealing surface increases. At this time, the gasket material should have sufficient resilience to keep the gasket surface closely connected to the flange surface
Post it: Michael fittingAuthor: SDMKGJ 2024-03-27 14:23
Hotel engineering six kinds of flange gasket performance introduction
Flange gaskets are used in the connection of pipe flanges. They are seals between two flanges. Medium, pressure and temperature directly affect the selection of flange gaskets. Graphite gasket Flat gasket made of soft graphite, suitable for high temperature, strong corrosive media. There are three main types of metal gaskets: 1, octagonal and oval pad - suitable for trapezoidal groove flange sealing surface A type clamping butterfly valve 2, the tooth form is in the metal flat gasket sealing surface processing conical tooth ripple - suitable for concave and convex flange sealing surface 3, lens pad - suitable for lens flange sealing surface metal gasket with pure iron, extremely soft steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials metal gasket
Post it: Hotel engineeringAuthor: The Charlatan 2000 2024-03-17 05:32
Teach you how to choose a flange
Selecting a flange is a process that requires a combination of factors. The following is based on the information provided and general experience, summed up the selection of flange steps and precautions: Determine the flange standard: First, you need to determine the applicable flange standard according to the industry and use environment. There are many flange standards in China, such as national flange standards, chemical industry flange standards, machinery industry flange standards and petrochemical industry flange standards. Which standard to choose depends on the specific application scenario and requirements. Determine the type of flange: According to the nature of the conveying medium, select the appropriate type of flange. For general media, conventional flanges can be selected
Post it: Stainless steel pipeAuthor: Construction shop 2024-02-27 14:47
PFA gas-liquid separator PFA Bubble separator PFA liquid-gas separator
Liquid separators reduce air bubbles in chemical delivery and wafer processing systems. They have an inner diameter of 4 inches, providing a greater surface area during gas-liquid separation. They are available for a variety of joinable pipe lengths. They feature configurable interface connections and mortise seal. A liquid level sensor can be installed. Features and excellent process safety PTFE and PFA liquid channels 7 kg (100PSI) pressure 100 degrees chemical delivery and gas-liquid separation in wafer processing systems
Post it: pfaAuthor: Registered retention 2024-01-26 15:27
Reply: Qingdao Metro Line 8 branch construction progress continues to update
Luzhou Road station, as the first prefabricated subway station of Line 8 branch line, adopts prefabricated components instead of cast-in-place for station assembly. The total length of the station is 287 meters, the structure of the public area is prefabricated arch structure (no column in the station hall), and the assembly section is 114 meters long. The main structure adopts closed-cavity thin-wall component structure. The standard lining ring is composed of 7 components, except for the cast-in-place bottom plate, the outer ring is 2 meters wide, and the prefabricated components in the ring and the longitudinal ring are connected by grouting tenon joints.
In order to ensure the smooth assembly of prefabricated components, in the early stage of the project, the third Construction Branch required the "innovation" goal of the world-class subway of the standard Group, led the third-party measurement unit Shandong Mingjia, the supervision unit, the construction headquarters and the construction unit to discuss the plan in the front line, and formulated a special plan for the measurement technology of the prefabricated station. In the control point measurement scheme of Luzhou Road Station floor, the original direct transmission method is abandoned, and the double connection triangle one well directional measurement with higher accuracy is selected, as shown below.
Compared with the conventional connection triangle one well orientation, the point coordinates transmitted by the double connection triangle form are more precise. In the process, three steel wires are suspended, and two sets of data can be measured by using the I level total station and the direction observation method, and each group can be measured four times independently. After the test, move a steel wire and measure a set of data, a total of three measurements (12 measurements). The height transmission adopts the method of hanging steel ruler to transmit the ground point elevation to the station floor control point. The precise measurement of coordinates and elevation determines the precise assembly of prefabricated components in the assembly section.
Post it: Qingdao MetroAuthor: lowkey267 2023-11-28 10:21
Experimental reactor outer tank plus inner cup is a small reaction vessel commonly used for high temperature resistance
Hydrothermal reactor (high temperature resistance) A hydrothermal reactor, also known as hydrothermal synthesis reactor, is a reactor provided by the synthesis of chemical substances under certain temperature and certain pressure conditions. Used in scientific research experiments in new materials, energy, environmental engineering and other fields, it is a commonly used small reactor for scientific research in colleges and universities. The reactor is composed of an outer tank and an inner cup (the inner cup has a straight cylinder and flanged design). The outer tank is non-magnetic stainless steel, the inner cup is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or imported modified polytetrafluoroethylene material (TFM), and for 30ml,50ml,60ml, 100ml several specifications of our inner cup has two designs of flanging and straight cylinder.
Post it: Advanced materialAuthor: bzh13913944240 2023-09-16 11:50
Reply: The official issued Tianma self-reaming notice
Self-reaming is OK, no small electric mill + grinding needle can not reaming this small hole It's easier to polish the clasp.
Remember the last time they specifically reminded the fragile or room horn stone... Apparently, it was too tight because it forgot to calculate the paint on the side slot
Post it: Beast ChestAuthor: Talk dove wind white 2023-09-11 13:21
Geological digestion tank anti-deformation batch large volume small, can be used to support our acid drive instrument
1. Geological digestion tank: also known as dissolver, high-pressure digestion tank, geological digestion tank, digestion tank, tank, pressure bomb, digestion tank, polytetrafluoroethylene high-pressure tank; 2, the outer tank stainless steel, the inner cup is made of high-purity and high-quality polytetrafluoroethylene material or high-purity experimental grade TFM material processing; 3, used in gas phase, liquid phase, plasma spectral mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence and other chemical analysis methods of sample pretreatment, used in food, geology, metallurgy, environmental protection, commodity inspection, chemical, nuclear and other systems, digestion of agricultural residues, food, rare earth, aquatic products and other organic lead
Post it: Geological depositAuthor: rnk Wang Wei 2023-09-08 16:26
[Laplace's daily science] mortise and tenon structure
Recently, when I was out in China, I found a more distinctive building structure, which is called mortise and tenon structure. Mortise and tenon (mortise and tenon) is a kind of concave-convex joint used on two wooden parts. The convex part is called a tenon (or tenon); The concave part is called the tenon (or mortise, mortise), and the tenon and the tenon bite together to play a connecting role. This is the main structure of ancient Chinese buildings, furniture and other wooden instruments. The mortise and tenon structure is a combination of tenon and tenon, a clever combination of more and less, high and low, long and short between wood pieces, which can effectively limit the twisting of wood pieces in all directions. The most basic mortise and tenon structure consists of two members, one of which
Post it: Back to the Future 199Author: Virgo Auer 2023-09-08 08:42

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