Cooperation mode

Content cooperation

For content cooperation in professional fields, jointly improve the professionalism and authority of entries in a certain field.

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Use video to define knowledge and share 400 million traffic encyclopedia platform.

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Baita says

Professional authors share and deconstruct the knowledge behind Encyclopedia.

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Encyclopedia of intangible cultural heritage

The largest authoritative science popularization platform of intangible cultural heritage knowledge in the whole network, and recommend one intangible cultural heritage project every month.

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Digital museum

Create an online museum through audio explanation, reality simulation, three-dimensional display and other forms.

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Baidu Encyclopedia art project

Create Internet authority business cards in the field of art, and realize the link between users and art knowledge.

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Film and television cooperation

The most authoritative official station of film and television works, a customized one-stop publicity platform.

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Star encyclopedia

Together with the stars, to create the most authoritative and cool personal business cards.

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Encyclopedia two-dimensional code

Output encyclopedia content offline through two-dimensional code to create innovative "knowledge O2O".

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API output

Introduction of encyclopedia quality content, platform cooperation and win-win.

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Top three hospital cooperation

Public welfare publicity cooperation, authoritative editing of hospital doctor entries, enhance the hospital brand image.

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My edited entry does not pass, is there a way to pay to pass?

A: Baidu encyclopedia is an encyclopedia that everyone can edit, the creation and editing of entries is completely free, the entry can be passed completely based on whether it meets the encyclopedia specification as the standard, there is no payment through the entry business, and there is no official or agent paid editing business. If any individual or business asks you for fees, saying that "you need to pay the official encyclopedia to pass the entry", etc., welcome to report.

Can you collaborate to create company, product, or individual encyclopedia entries?

A: Content cooperation is only applicable to Baidu Encyclopedia and authority to build knowledge entries, company, product, personal and other entries do not have any form of content cooperation, unified for open editing, the company's entry creation please use the "enterprise fast track".

I want to understand the encyclopedia video in the entry upload seconds, what should I do?

Answer: Second understanding encyclopedia is Baidu encyclopedia launched knowledge of short video products, second understanding encyclopedia upload and release is completely free. If you are a professional video media, organization, and have stable video production capacity, welcome to join the PGC partner, the cooperation method is refer to the "Introduction to the cooperation". Ordinary users can download the Baidu Encyclopedia app for video recording and uploading, and the video content needs to be directly related to the entry, and the content is in line with the video access specification.

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