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The Nine Dragon Wall

China's First sculpture film "Nine Dragons Wall"
Nine Dragon Wall is a domestic film released in 2013, directed by young director Qiu Yuanhua and starring Liu Tianqi and Zhang Jie. The film tells the story of the son of a carving family in Quyang County, who did not want to engage in carving work after graduating from college. After his father fell ill, the carving enterprise was not managed, so the son inherited his father's business and produced the carving masterpiece "Nine Dragons Wall".
Chinese name
The Nine Dragon Wall
Producing company
Beijing Yida Kyushu film and television culture Co., LTD
Issuing company
Beijing Yida Kyushu film and television culture Co., LTD
Production area
Direct performance
Qiu Yuanhua
Jia Zhanru
Liu Hongxing
Generic type
Feature film
Main performance
Liu Tianqi , Zhang Jie , Song Rui , Li Tianyu
Film length
90 minutes
Release time
Dialogue language


Basic data

Photography: Peng Thanh Hoa
Lighting: Zhang Zhiliang
Lighting: Zhang Zhiliang
Recording: Gao Zhentian
Starring: Liu Tianqi Song Rui Li Tian Yu Zhang Jie
Zhu Xiaochun Ma Jichun Wang Jingxuan
Music: Li Chinese Luan
Composer: Kang Fan
Singing: Wu Xiaoyu
Editing: Qiu Yuanhua
Production unit: Beijing Yida Kyushu Film and Television Culture Co., LTD
Distributor: Beijing Yida Kyushu Film and Television Culture Co., LTD
Production Center: Beijing Yida Kyushu Film and Television Culture Co., LTD. Shijiazhuang Qiyu Culture communication Co., LTD Shijiazhuang Xiangru Culture and Art Development Co., LTD

Movie plot

synopsis :
Trade company Shen also secretly praise Liu Haitao this college student from the city back to the township business, secretly help Liu Haitao, but the surface is not willing to help the door to help Liu Haitao's busy, surface cold, actually test Liu Haitao.
Liu Haitao broke the boat, sold the house in the provincial capital, and devoted himself to restoring the family's stone carving factory to glory, but his girlfriend left him at this time. Haitao withstood the pressure, secretly determined to decide next year's stone carving festival to win, so and the company Song Lin, Cheng Erhu and so on to carve a pure handmade works of nine dragon wall.
After Jiang Wanling advice, finally let father ginger Yihai again, help Liu Haitao. Originally, Jiang Yihai and Liu Qingshan used to be the same brother, because part of the master's craft passed to Liu Qingshan did not pass to Jiang Fu, when the brothers fought for the stone carving factory and turned over. Jiang Yihai later created a unique craft. Of course, it also leads to the love between their two older brothers and a younger sister.
Ginger Yihai decided to forget the past, to help the stone carving stone out of the difficult situation. Jiang Wanling also in father's instruction to help Haitao, in the snow.
In the work, Liu Haitao learned that Song Lin's daughter leukemia, and to help. Song Lin was embarrassed, very embarrassed. It turned out that the last award loss was an accident... Haitao magnanimity forgave Song Lin, let everyone work together, go all out to prepare for the next year's exhibition works - Dragon wall......
Wanling secretly loves Haitao, but Haitao is bent on the stone carving factory...
Finally, with the skill of Jiang Yihai and the technology of Song Lin, in the New Year's stone carving festival, Haitao finally won the honor of stone carving stone, and all created a new situation. Wanling also sent her own special wishes...
At this time, Liu Ying unexpectedly appeared...
The story:
The film tells the story of the son of a carving family in Quyang County, who did not want to engage in carving after graduating from college and took part in the work in the provincial capital. A father's sculpting works to participate in the national sculpture competition unexpectedly failed, the father angry got seriously ill, no one to manage the carving enterprise, the son heard the news, resolutely quit the work of the provincial capital, returned to the hometown to start carving work, produced the sculpture boutique "Nine Dragons", won the first place in the next national sculpture competition, so that the engraving enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy to reanimate the story... [1]