Beginners get started editing entries in just four steps

1Find problems, edit entries

If you find that the content of the Baidu encyclopedia entry is incorrect or incomplete, you can correct it

Click "Edit" next to the term name to start editing the term

If you find that Baidu encyclopedia does not include the entry you care about, you can create a new entry; If Baidu Encyclopedia has included other meanings with the same name, you can click "Add meanings" in the meaning selection area.

2Add or delete content and correct errors

You can correct typos, add new information, or delete redundant content

Entries can add pictures, tables, maps and other rich content

Be sure to attach references to your new additions

3Preview the effect and submit the term

If you have finished editing, you can click "Preview" in the top right corner to see the overall effect

Check to see if the directory structure is consistent and if the layout is beautiful

Click "Submit" if you're sure

4Wait a moment for the version to pass

After you submit your version of the term, you need to wait for some time and the system will check it

You can see the submitted version in the "Pending Release" section

After the version is approved, you will be prompted and your edit will become the latest version of the article

Your version may not pass, in which case you need to modify according to the reason for the failure


These are the principles you need to understand


Everyone can edit an encyclopedia, but not everyone can alter it. All changes should be based on evidence


Encyclopedias collect countless information, malicious slander and exaggeration aside, encyclopedias should not have any personal preferences

In charge of

Every word you edit will be read by millions of people who will remember that every change is responsible for the entire article


Edit handbook edit operation a look will be

Participate in growth tasks
First period
Encyclopedic introduction
The second section
Composition of entry
The third segment
Business card making
Fourth quarter
Acceptable text
The fifth segment
Guarantee of authority

Edit Rules Read the rules in detail

General rule
Hit the road
I have a question.
Complaint and suggestion