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Quartz rod

Quartz rod product description: The formation of quartz rod is due to the high temperature viscosity of its melt caused by the result, of which SiO2 content of 99.98%, Fe, Al, Ca, Mg, k, Na, Ti, Li, Ni, Cu, B, Cr total content 45ppm. The product has excellent thermal stability and electricity
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Semiconductor and photovoltaic industry applications
Quartz boat, silicon chip carrier and base, etc.
Low bubble content, high purity and tight dimensional tolerances are important characteristics of these fused quartz rods.
Industrial applications
Custom solutions for bars up to 90 mm diameter.
Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient are the important characteristics of these fused quartz materials.
Optical communication industry applications
Guide fiber core. Its main feature is the low absorption rate of light in a specific band. The optical fiber is either pure quartz core (PCS) with a plastic cladding or fused quartz cladding with a lower refractive index.
Production of photonic crystal fiber (PCF) prefabricated rods (stack different glass sheets or drill holes in the rods)
Adjust the local pressure or refractive index of the fiber. Using two stress-induced boron-doped rods is one of the methods to produce polarization-maintaining fiber.
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