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Lianyungang Plas Quartz Products Co., LTD

Company address: 100 meters west of Lintuan Village Committee, Fangshan Town, Donghai County, Lianyungang City

Contact number: 18112173569


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First, IPQC

Requirements: 1.18-32 years old; 2. Junior high school or above; 3. Familiar with seven QC techniques and sampling inspection process, able to deal with anomalies; 4. Proficient in office software such as Word and Excell; 5. Responsible and able to complete tasks assigned by superiors.


Ii. Security

Requirements: 1, male, 25-50 years old, junior high school education or above; 2. Responsible for the company's access control management and other tasks assigned by the superior; 3, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong execution, obey the arrangement.


3. E-commerce

Female over 23 years old

1. Good oral English skills; 2. Familiar with basic business reception etiquette; 3. Good at communication, strong executive ability, learning and accepting ability;

Job Description: 1. Translated and communicated external emails of the business department; 2. Assist the general manager and business manager to receive foreign visitors, introduce the company, products and technology patents; 3. Use and management of e-commerce platform (can participate in the professional training of e-commerce, and take the post after qualified); 4. Other temporary matters arranged by the superior;

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