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Lianyungang Plas Quartz Products Co., LTD

Company address: 100 meters west of Lintuan Village Committee, Fangshan Town, Donghai County, Lianyungang City

Contact number: 18112173569


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In 1999 crystal 300 million quartz engaged in quartz processing raw material supply
In 2005, Lianyungang Jing300 million Quartz Products Co., LTD was established
In 2012, a customized processing team was established
In 2018, Plas Quartz independently operated processing Center was registered
Plath Quartz is a true custom maker
With years of production experience with industrial glass, our fused quartz technicians are able to continuously evaluate and improve our methods, equipment and efficiency to bring high quality parts to our customers at reasonable prices.
The company passed ISO9001 quality system certification in 2018, combined with the company's modern production quality and control system, to ensure high quality, high quality and stable consistency of products. The main products of the company are large diameter quartz glass diffusion tube, quartz boat, quartz carrier (boat frame, boat car), quartz furnace door, levelling plate, source bottle, waste liquid bottle, quartz cylinder, quartz ring, quartz disk and optical quartz products. Adhering to the business purpose of "innovation and win-win cooperation" and the business principle of "high standard, high quality and high pursuit", the company constantly improves its research and development ability, develops new technology and new products, and serves the society with excellent quality and excellent reputation.


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