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Brand name: Ten Kingdoms Hou
Registration number: 5774362
Scope of use: 33 categories, wine (beverage), alcoholic beverages (except beer), rice wine, rice wine, fruit wine (including alcohol), wine, cooking wine, edible alcohol, sake, brandy. Creative description: The marquis is the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Spring and Autumn period and the late Han Dynasty, the central power of the various countries, is a vassal. "Spring and Autumn five bullies", "Warring States seven male" appeared in that period, the country men worked hard, fighting wits and courage, running, the south and north wars, the Central Plains, the formation of the "five generations and ten states" partition situation. The "ten kingdoms Hou" used as a wine trademark, it is easy to think of the heroic image of the sky, the steel, the expansion of the territory, and the passion, which is full of atmosphere, magnificent, and noble, giving people a sense of shocking power! Transfer price: 300,000 yuan; Authorization price: annual use fee 20,000; Cooperation price: another discussion. Tel: 15965799022 QQ 170985098