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Brand name: Eight Virtuous King
Registration number: 5774361
Scope of use: 33 categories, wine (beverage), alcoholic beverages (except beer), rice wine, rice wine, fruit wine (including alcohol), wine, cooking wine, edible alcohol, sake, brandy. Creative description: "Eight Virtuous Kings" is Zhao Yuanyan, the eighth son of Zhao Kuangyi, Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty. He is a well-known positive historical figure and the embodiment of justice. In recent years, a number of movies and TV shows about the Eight Virtuous Kings, such as "Yang Men Tiger Generals" and "Young Bao Qingtian", have been broadcast on CCTV and other channels. The famous actor Chen Daoming has played the image of the eight Virtuous Kings vividly and vividly, which has once become the focus of people's discussion after dinner. In addition, "Eight Virtuous Kings", "Eight Virtuous Kings of Song Dynasty" and other long online novels have also won the majority of netizens. Especially in today's material developed society, some people lost faith, moral decline, uneven distribution in individual fields, unfair competition, food crisis, trust crisis, all these cause people's disgust and confusion, so the image of "eight virtuous Kings" fairness and justice can arouse people's deep thought and resonance! Transfer price: 300,000 yuan; Authorization price: annual use fee 20,000; Cooperation price: another discussion. Tel: 15965799022 QQ 170985098