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Materials required for application for registration of software copyright transfer or proprietary license contract

Software copyright transfer and proprietary license contract registration application documents shall include: contract registration application form, the original or copy of the contract, the applicant's identity certificate, the copy of the original registration certificate, query results in one copy. 1. Contract Registration Application form The applicant shall submit an application form filled in online and printed, and the items in the application form shall be filled in completely as required; The signature of the applicant shall be the original and shall be consistent with the name of the applicant; 2. Transfer or proprietary license contract The transfer contract shall specify the name and version number of the transferred software, the scope of the transfer of rights, the scope of the transfer of territory, the effective date of the contract and other contents, and the contract shall comply with the basic requirements of the copyright law and the contract law; The proprietary license contract shall clearly specify the licensed software name and version number, the scope of the license rights, the scope of the license territory, the term of the proprietary license rights, etc. The contract shall comply with the basic requirements of the copyright law and the contract law; 3. Identity documents (see software copyright registration for details); 4. Copy of original registration certificate If the contract involves copyright registration or other registration, submit a copy of the software copyright registration certificate or proof. 5, query results Contract involves the software has been copyright registration, need to do the copyright registration overview query, query results is one of the application documents for such registration.

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