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What kind of trademark is expected to be recognized as China's well-known trademark?

According to the provisions of Article 14 of the Trademark Law, combined with our experience in assisting excellent enterprises to declare and recognize China's well-known trademarks, we believe that enterprises that basically meet the following minimum requirements can try to declare and recognize China's well-known trademarks. Of course, this is not a national standard, and the data requirements for each industry will be different, so this is for business reference only.
1, there are specific trademark infringement cases or infringement objections, disputed trademarks. This is the key to starting the application process.
(2) Except for special circumstances, the registered capital of the enterprise holding the trademark should generally be no less than 10 million yuan, and the total assets should generally be more than 500 million yuan.
3, the trademark registration and use time should be more than 3 years, the use of a shorter time is difficult to identify. However, if it is an unregistered trademark, it can also be very well-known, such as Little Sheep, Super Girl voice, Mengniu Sour milk.
4, if the trademark is a provincial famous trademark, the enterprise has won more national and provincial honors, and will have a huge advantage.
5, the existing value of the trademark evaluated by the relevant institutions should generally be more than 10 million yuan.
6, the trademark owner enterprise using the trademark of the commodity output value of nearly 3 years should be more than 300 million yuan per year, sales revenue in principle should be more than 300 million per year, the market share in the same industry in the country ranked in the top 20.
7. The annual tax paid by the trademark owner enterprise in the past three years should generally be more than 10 million yuan.
8, the product market is not limited to the local, the products are sold to at least half of the provinces and cities in the country, it is best to have a sales network throughout the country. Products are better sold abroad. That is to say, the sales area of the goods using the trademark should cover the main areas of the country.
9, the trademark should carry out multiple channels, all-round, uninterrupted advertising, provincial and central media advertising and publicity costs of not less than 5 million yuan per year in the past three years. Publicity includes media advertising, promotional activities, outdoor advertising, trade fairs, etc. (This article varies according to different product requirements, mass products require more advertising, intermediate products require less.)
10, the enterprise is the national industry association, the governing unit of the chamber of commerce is the best.
11, the enterprise is the industry standard maker, the participant is the best.
12, the company's main products have been awarded the title of the best brand products in China.
13, the company's main products have been awarded the national inspection free product title as the best.
14, small enterprise size is not important, the key is the industry ranking. Because in some industries all the companies are small.
15, the size of the enterprise may not meet the conditions, because perhaps all the enterprises in this industry are large enterprises.