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Apac Sembo obtained the "high-tech enterprise" certification

After the expert review organized by Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Shandong Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Shandong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, and the National Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, and State Administration of Taxation, Shandong APAC Senbo Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. obtained the "high-tech enterprise" certification. The certification will lay the foundation for the company to accumulate technology, human, material and financial resources.

Shandong APAC Sembo Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern pulp and paper joint venture with a total investment of 15 billion yuan. The company adheres to the concept of sustainable development of "high quality and efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental harmony", and the environmental protection investment reaches 3.63 billion yuan, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total investment, creating the most environmental protection investment in a single pulp and paper factory in China. The company's various consumption and emission indicators are completely superior to the relevant standards of the country and Shandong Province, and most indicators are better than the standards of Europe and the United States and Japan. According to the evaluation of industry experts, the main process technology equipment and environmental protection consumption indicators of the enterprise have reached the world's leading level, becoming a model of industrial upgrading and technological progress, leading the pulp and paper industry to clean production.

The company adheres to the development of circular economy and reduces carbon emissions. In 2011, through strengthening management and technological transformation, the company has continuously improved the comprehensive utilization rate of raw materials, continuously reduced energy consumption, and saved 40,000 tons of standard coal and 1.5 cubic meters of pulp water consumption in the year. The company's achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction have been recognized by all sectors of society, and has won the honorary titles of China Paper Industry Environmental Friendly Enterprise, China Social Responsibility Outstanding Enterprise, Shandong Province Light Industry Energy conservation and emission reduction Top Ten Model Enterprise, 2011 Shandong Province Light Industry Advanced Enterprise and so on.

The company regards scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, attaches importance to scientific research and encourages innovation. In 2011, in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, the company's scientific and technological researchers developed two scientific and technological achievements, "double film treatment of pulp wastewater technology" and "pulp and paper sludge deep dehydration and mixed combustion power generation technology", the two technologies have huge economic and social benefits. In July 2011, these two scientific and technological achievements passed the identification of the expert group headed by the foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering and the former president of South China University of Technology Liu Huanbin, so that the company's scientific and technological innovation has reached a new level. The certification of "high-tech enterprise" will provide new impetus for enterprises to make new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation.