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Counterfeit "brain platinum" "golden partner" trademark case was busted

Today, China Trademark network learned from Yixing City Public Security Bureau that Yixing City police recently successfully detected a case of infringement of intellectual property rights with well water, essence, pigment and other blending into thousands of boxes of "brain platinum" and "golden partner" for illegal profit, and the seven people involved in the case have all been arrested.

According to the police, these fake health products are difficult to distinguish from the real ones in appearance, and some even imitate the company's promotional distribution of customers' gift capsules, which use starch and other fillers.

"Because the wholesale price of these counterfeit products is only 8 yuan per box, while the retail price in the market is more than 100 yuan, the 'products' are selling very well."

The staff of the intellectual Property Department of Shanghai Golden Partner Biotechnology Co., Ltd. identified these "products" as counterfeit and violated the exclusive right of the company's "Golden Partner" registered trademark.


It is reported that the case is currently under further trial.