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Tonics counterfeit trademarks to seek profiteering

Black-bone chicken and American ginseng appear on the ingredient list and are sold in big supermarkets, will you not hesitate to spend more than 100 yuan to buy them? But there is a reason "Guangzhou Bonshdi Biotechnology Co., LTD." total distribution, named "999 American ginseng chicken essence tonic liquid" nutritional products, not only suspected of counterfeit, but also the production cost of less than 10 yuan. China Trademark Network.

"Black bone chicken, American ginseng" as raw materials 128 yuan per box

"It sold well in many supermarkets in Tianjin. A nutritious food produced under the banner of our company is a fake." A few days ago, "Xiaocui secret visit studio" received a phone call from the staff of "Shenzhen Jiusheng Biological Co., LTD." According to the clues provided by the staff, the China trademark network first came to the small Haiti store of Renren supermarket, and saw the "999" brand American ginseng and chicken Essence tonic liquid priced at 128 yuan per box placed on the health food shelf of the store. The packaging is clearly marked with "Shenzhen Jiusheng Biological Co., LTD." production, "Fujian Happy Biological Co., LTD." production, "Guangzhou Bangshidi Biological Technology Co., LTD." total distribution. In addition, it is also marked with "This product is a health food made of black-bone chicken and American ginseng as the main raw materials, which has been proved by functional tests to have the health function of immune regulation" and other words, eight small bottles in each box. A nearby tally clerk came forward and recommended, "It's not expensive, and it's all made by big companies." In addition to this supermarket in the sale of the product, in Milan shopping in the Zhongshan Road store and Wanlong district store and other supermarkets, the reporter also saw the same products in the hot sale.

The product is purely counterfeit and the factory cost is less than 10 yuan

China Trademark Network first contacted the trademark holder of the "999" brand, "China Resources Sanjiu Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.". The relevant person in charge of the company said that "Shenzhen Jiusheng Biological Co., LTD." is one of the subsidiaries of the company, but it has never produced this American ginseng chicken essence tonic liquid, and has never entrusted other production enterprises and sales enterprises to use the "999" trademark on any product. Those under the banner of "Shenzhen nine liters" produced American ginseng chicken essence tonic liquid, is simply fake.

The China Trademark Network contacted the manufacturer, Fujian Happy Biology Co., LTD., which was labeled on the package. From the processing contract provided by the company, it can be seen that this tonic liquid is "Guangzhou Bonshidi Biotechnology Co., LTD." commissioned "Fujian Happiness Company" to process and produce, but the outer packaging is responsible for "Guangzhou Bonshidi". In the product price of the contract, the price of each 70 ml bottle of tonic liquid is only 1.2 yuan. That is to say, each box of tonic liquid priced at 128 yuan, the factory cost is less than 10 yuan.

The cost is 30% of the selling price

Even if "the real thing"

"Just think, 'Fujian Happiness Company' is bound to have profits in the processing process." So, will the main ingredients in this tonic still be black bone chicken and American ginseng? There's a lot of profiteering in a lot of these supplements, and there's no nutrition at all." Mr. Sun, who has been engaged in nutrition sales for many years, introduced to reporters. This kind of nutrition itself will not be like the necessities of life such as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, which are sold in large quantities in supermarkets every day. And dealers also bear many costs, including supermarket entrance fees, counter fees, promoters and other costs. Dealers can not make small profits, they can only rely on profiteering. And the national total dealer is bound to press the production cost to the minimum, so as to ensure their own benefits and local dealers can earn money. After layers of "pickling", the nutritional content of which is also self-evident. Generally speaking, if the production cost can reach 30% of the sales price of nutritional products, it is considered "real material".

Tianjin's industry and Commerce Department has begun a full investigation.