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Wuhan "Jingwu" duck neck trademark wins

According to the China Trademark network learned that Tianjin Jingwu Livestock and Poultry Breeding Technology Company in 1996, applied for registration of the "Jingwu" trademark, the protection category includes fish fillets, soybean products, etc., but did not explicitly contain duck neck. In 2005, Tianjin applied for additional categories such as "cooked duck neck, cooked duck and cooked duck innards".

Wuhan Jingwu duck neck is well-known throughout the country, once the Tianjin application is successful, Wuhan duck neck will no longer be able to use the "Jingwu" trademark word. In order to protect the neck of Wuhan Jingwu duck from being "broken", "Wuhan Zero Company" took the lead in raising objections to the National Trademark Office and blocked the registration of Tianjin.

Unexpectedly, the first round was defeated, and then, "Wuhan Zero" raised objections to the National Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, and was successful.

But Tianjin sued the first court of Beijing, Wuhan won the first instance, Tianjin appealed to the High Court, Wuhan actively fought, and the high court finally upheld the judgment of the Beijing Intermediate Court of first instance. China Trademark Network.