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How to choose an agency for trademark inquiry

Recently, many netizens have consulted on the Internet about trademark inquiries. Some netizens mentioned that their own enterprises want to apply for a trademark for the product, but do not know whether the trademark is the same, although the trademark is designed by themselves, but still worried, so want to find a trademark agency to check, but now there are many such agencies, do not know which is the best choice. Regarding this issue, the relevant professionals said that trademark applications are concentrated in the trademark Administration in Beijing, and in recent years, the number of trademark registration applications has grown rapidly, and the workload of the trademark office is limited, so more and more trademark applications are backlogged, so that trademark applications are taking longer and longer time. This has also provided a huge market for trademark agencies, which has grown from more than 100 in the beginning to more than 18,000 now. Therefore, how to choose the right agency for trademark inquiry from many trademark agencies has become a big problem. Here, we give some suggestions for reference only: First, before entrusting, you should inquire with the local industry and Commerce Department whether the trademark agency has been registered. Because this industry is mixed, leading to some enterprises in the search for trademark agency when cheated, for this situation, the most direct way is to go to the bureau of industry and commerce for inquiry, so that it can effectively prevent being cheated. Second, check the office environment of the trademark agency and the working status of the staff. Even if there is a legitimate business license does not necessarily mean that the trademark agency has a good ability to help enterprises with trademark inquiries. Through the field view of the office environment and business licenses, personnel working status, you can understand the operation of the agency. Third, sign the relevant power of attorney with the agency and agree on the liability for breach of contract, which can greatly protect the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise. Because the design and concept of the trademark may involve the trade secrets of the enterprise, these information need to be kept confidential. Fourth, choose those trademark agencies that were established earlier and have more applications for registration. Because these institutions often have a high reputation and rich experience in handling, they can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant and help the applicant obtain trademark authorization in the shortest time. Finally, in terms of cost, many enterprises consider the price first when choosing a trademark agency. According to the provisions of China's trademark law, the basic cost of reviewing a trademark is about 1,500, and if you find an agent, it is between 1,500 and 4,500. The higher the reputation, the better the ability of the trademark agency fees are often more expensive, if only consider the price, to deal with the cheap price, it is likely that the information is not prepared, resulting in the review is not passed. It may be successful, but it may take a longer time, which is not conducive to the development of the enterprise, and the right of the trademark has been waiting for it, which has far-reaching impact. It is best to choose according to the professionalism, durability and integrity of the trademark agency, so that the probability of successful registration is higher. Those rejected trademarks, most of them are because the enterprise chose the low price, but did not examine the other party's professionalism, integrity and other aspects, so it will lead to failure, and then if the review, not only a waste of time, the cost of money is also a lot, the impact on the enterprise can be imagined.

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