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Enterprise registered trademark strategy

In the era of knowledge economy, trademark has become a very important intellectual property and intangible capital of enterprises. Under China's trademark system, the principle of "first application" is adopted for trademark registration. When applying for a registered trademark, enterprises should adopt a correct registered trademark strategy in order to obtain the authorization of the target trademark faster. This paper introduces several strategies of registered trademark.
First, registered trademark first strategy
China's registered trademark adopts the principle of "application first", so enterprises should apply for trademark registration as soon as possible. When the enterprise has just been established, it is necessary to consider registered trademarks, at least when the enterprise's goods have not been promoted and sold, it is necessary to successfully register trademarks first. Article 4 of the Chinese Trademark Law provides: "Any natural person, legal person or other organization that needs to obtain the right to exclusive use of a trademark for the goods it produces, manufactures, processes, selects or distributes shall apply to the Trademark Office for registration of a trademark for goods." Any natural person, legal person or other organization that needs to obtain the right to exclusive use of a trademark for the services it provides shall apply to the Trademark Office for the registration of a service mark. In other words, in order to obtain the exclusive right to use a trademark and protect the products of a company, it is necessary to register and obtain the exclusive right to use a trademark. An unregistered trademark is always in a state of no protection of rights and may be prohibited at any time due to the approval of the registration of the same or similar trademark by others. There are many cases of damage due to lack of registered trademarks. Guangzhou's economy is developed, there are many enterprises, and the trademark awareness of enterprises is generally strong, and the registration of trademarks in Guangzhou should be wary of time and submit trademark registration applications as soon as possible.
Second, the registered trademark design creative strategy
In the design of trademarks, enterprises should choose the combination of trademarks and trademarks with strong significance. According to Article 8 of the Trademark Law, "Any visual sign that can distinguish the goods of a natural person, legal person or other organization from the goods of others, including words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs and color combinations, as well as the combination of the above elements, may be applied for registration as a trademark." The trademark can be composed or combined by various elements such as text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional logo and color, and how to choose the best design should be carefully considered. Registered trademarks, a variety of trademarks, trademarks must have a strong significance in order to let customers remember.
Third, the regional strategy of registered trademarks
Intellectual property rights have regional characteristics, and trademarks also have obvious regional characteristics. A registered trademark in one country may not be a registered trademark in another. At present, most countries and regions in the world adopt the principle of trademark application first, and trademark protection is regional. Therefore, no matter the enterprise whose trademark is registered by squatting gives up the original trademark and creates another brand, or buys it back at a high price, or cancels the trademark by legal means, it will increase the operating cost of the enterprise, delay the time for its products to occupy the market, and reduce the market share. Serious ones even exit the market. Therefore, if the enterprise is growing in the domestic, good momentum, want to go to the international market, after determining a trademark as the main trademark, it should be registered as soon as possible to developed countries and potential target markets. Guangzhou enterprises have a high degree of internationalization, so regionalism is a very important point for Guangzhou enterprises.
Fourth, registered trademarks of the network domain name combination strategy
With the rapid development of the global information network industry, there are huge economic interests behind the domain name, the name of the enterprise and the registered trademark name should be registered in a timely manner, as a platform for the promotion and protection of trademarks and products. Otherwise, the domain name is easy to be squatted, and the enterprise will pay a high price. Once the domain name is malicious for the purpose of speculation, it is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also may be unable to retrieve the effort. Therefore, enterprises should enhance the awareness of domain name protection, as soon as possible to fully register the enterprise trademark and related domain names, avoid domain name disputes, and prevent criminals from faking the real thing.