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Linyi Addy Business and you share what is the exclusive function of the trademark image symbol?

The exclusive function of the trademark image symbol at the time of the transfer of the trademark refers to the exclusive right of the trademark registrant to enjoy legal protection, and others shall not use and infringe upon it without permission, which is an important function of the trademark image symbol. The design and dissemination of trademark image symbols is the product of commodity economy, and there are trademark image symbols with commodity production and text exchange. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the trademark owner and prevent damage by others, the trademark has become a sign owned by the first person to make, use and register the trademark. Trademark legal norms have different expressions in different countries, but they are common in protecting the rights and interests of trademark owners.
Trademarks are "proprietary" and are not general or universally applicable visual marks. This function of the trademark image symbol is the main basis for the legal protection of the trademark, that is, the registered trademark can only be used in the trademark owner or authorized user of specific goods, packaging and other information communication media, with this trademark image symbol of the product brand in the market is protected by law.
It can be seen that the exclusive function of the trademark image symbol is the most essential function of the trademark. It embodies the value of the trademark itself. A trademark sometimes not only identifies a company or a product, it also has an economic value in itself, the enterprise can enhance the value of the trademark through media advertising or by virtue of brand reputation, the enterprise will have this value because of the exclusive right to enjoy the trademark.