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Linyi Addy business -- How long does it take to get a new registration certificate now?

The trademark registration certificate is the most convenient and effective certification document used by the trademark registrant to prove its trademark registration. Therefore, the registrant should keep it properly and use it correctly.
The trademark renewal is to apply for the renewal of the trademark registration certificate. If the Trademark Registration Certificate is lost or damaged, the trademark registrant shall apply to the Trademark Office for the replacement of the trademark registration certificate and apply for the replacement in time.
The way of trademark renewal

There are two ways to apply for reissue of trademark registration certificate:

(1) Entrustment of national recognized trademark agency handling - Changshu Nanshang Investment Management Co., LTD., more professional, more convenient.

(2) The applicant goes directly to the trademark registration hall of the Trademark Office for processing.
Entrusting trademark agency to apply for trademark renewal process

1, fill in the trademark proxy in duplicate, seal/sign;

2. Fill in the Application for Reissuing Trademark Registration Certificate, seal/sign;

3. Provide a copy of the subject qualification certificate (business license copy, ID card, etc.) confirmed by seal or signature of the trademark registrant, seal/signature.
The time required for trademark renewal

There is no legal time limit for trademark renewal application in China. According to the practical experience of Changshu Nanshang Investment Management Co., LTD., it takes about 6 months from submission of application documents to completion of renewal.