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Graphic trademark design precautions

The design of graphic trademark is different from the ordinary logo design, and the trademark needs to be registered and protected by the relevant state departments. As a designer in the design of graphic trademarks, you can refer to the following precautions: first, the trademark should be simple and clear in the trademark digital trademark is a common kind, such as 555 cigarettes, 999 stomach Thai, 505 Shengong yuan air bag; Single word trademarks such as soap, Tiger oil, etc.; Wordlink trademarks such as big brand bubble gum, etc. World famous brands such as Nikon, Coca-Cola, Kodak, etc. are easy to remember and leave a deep impression on people. When enterprises design trademarks, they always think of well-known symbols such as the sun, moon, stars, landscapes, scenic spots, celebrities, animals and plants. Scenic spots can be used to render products, animals can be used to show dynamic images, and celebrities can be used to expand visibility. Third, the trademark design must be unique trademarks as the logo of the product, the face of the enterprise, must be different. While emphasizing the trademark identification, we should emphasize the uniqueness and significance. Trademark design should be unique, break through the convention and be different. With the help of the "popular" design trademark with the "popular" ship for the enterprise (or product) trademark sailing, there are many successful examples in marketing practice. For example, the cross talk program of the fictional universe brand cigarettes on the Spring Festival gala of CCTV has a great impact. A tobacco factory took the opportunity to register the newly developed cigarettes as Cosmos brand and put them on the market successfully. Fifth, trademark design to avoid the same and similar trademark design if you can do both "word creation" and "meaning", the effect is better, will receive strengthening the uniqueness and significance and give the trademark positive imagination of the double excellent effect. Such as Sheng Xifu, Tongsheng and IBM, etc. Removing an n from the word Sonny and changing it to SONY is a typical new name. International trademark design is generally in line with the consumer psychology and habits of the target market, in line with local social and cultural conditions, religions and preferences. Like Southeast Asia doesn't like green; Western countries don't like 13; The Japanese don't like 4; Chinese like 8. Seven, trademark design to consider the extension of trademark design to have a strategic vision, consider the long-term development of the enterprise, should be a visionary system engineering. For example, Changhong and Haier, considering that it needs to adapt to a broader scope of business, it can play the role of a total trademark in the future. In addition, it should be noted that the trademark design can also be used as the trademark of the product according to the inventor and founder of the featured product, or the original time-honored brand can be used as the trademark. Such as "Zhang Xiaoquan" scissors, "Wang Zhihe" beancurd, Adidas, etc. The earliest trademark in China can be traced back to the Northern Song Dynasty. At that time, there was a needle shop named Liu in Jinan, which was famous for its brand white rabbit. The logo is printed in copper plate, nearly square, in the middle of the drawing of the white rabbit stamping medicine, the portrait is bright and prominent. On the upper end of the picture is written the name of the shop "Jinan Liujia Kung Fu Needle shop", on both sides is written "look for the white rabbit in front of the door as a record", below the picture from left to right write about the scope of business, methods and quality requirements of the confession. This historical relic is now in the National Museum. The earliest foreign trademark is the printed trademark that appeared on the streets of London in 1473, which is several hundred years later than the trademark of Liu Ji Pin shop in China.