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Beijing Trademark Registration How to find a registered trademark?

We all understand that the trademark inquiry before registration is crucial, because the trademark inquiry is an effective way to improve the success rate of trademark registration. So, Beijing trademark registration how to query registered trademarks?
Beijing trademark registration inquiry usually has the following ways:
The first type: the trademark query person directly to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office to submit a trademark query application, but to the Beijing Trademark Office is required to pay a fee, usually Chinese query 120.00 yuan; English inquiry 200.00 yuan; Graph query 300.00 yuan.
Query steps/methods: Get the Trademark Query Form from the query window → fill in the Trademark Query Form → Price in the query window → Pay the trademark query fee in the fee window → Return the Trademark Query Form to the query window → Get the query result in the query window.
Since the trademark Office will charge a fee for each query of a trademark name, it is recommended that you can first inquire about the trademark name, when you can not judge whether the trademark is similar to other and then go to the trademark Office to inquire, so as not to spend money.
The second kind: directly in the China trademark network query, enter the China trademark network trademark searcher can choose according to their own query purpose of trademark comprehensive query, trademark approximate query or trademark status query. This way is much more convenient, but the trademark professional requirements of the query person is relatively high, because the trademark is classified into 45 categories, you need to find the category of the trademark you need, and then query, and professional judgment is needed after the query. Because trademark search is related to the success rate, so this step must be careful.
Third: entrusted intellectual property agency agent inquiry, now many service agencies provide free trademark inquiry, entrusted experienced intellectual property agency handling, can reduce your trademark registration risk. Addy Business is a leading large-scale comprehensive intellectual property service agency in China, providing free online trademark registration inquiry, trademark inquiry results synchronized with the official database of China Trademark network, more authoritative and reliable.
Addy business trademark inquiry network Beijing trademark registration inquiry method
Select Aidi Commerce to search for trademark registration in Beijing, log in to http://www.chofn.cn, enter the website, and then select "Beijing" under "Regional trademarks" in just 1 second, you can get the search results of all registered trademarks in Beijing nearly 8 months ago. The trademark searcher then makes an analysis and judgment based on the trademark query results. In addition, trademark searchers can also search for details of a trademark based on the trademark name, the trademark registration number, the name of the trademark applicant or the name of the agency.
However, it is also said above that the approximate query of trademarks has higher professional requirements for trademark searchers. When the user cannot judge whether the trademark he intends to register is similar to the previously registered trademark after inquiring about the trademark, the trademark searcher can submit the trademark name that needs to be queried online. Eddy Business will strictly keep the secret of trademark registration and trademark inquiry for you. Intellectual property consultants will search, analyze and provide professional trademark registration advice for free.
The above is the method and process of EDI business to Beijing trademark registration inquiry, hope to help you, more Beijing trademark registration inquiry, Beijing famous trademark registration inquiry, please log in EDI business inquiry network!
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