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Customs registration and filing

When the enterprise goes through the registration formalities at the customs, it shall fill in the "Registration Form of Enterprise Situation" on the computer, and fill in the relevant contents from the second line of the table. Among them: the registered name of the enterprise is limited to 15 Chinese characters. The "Main product" column is filled with the first four digits of the product code (will not be empty, by the customs agent to check). For domestic enterprises, fill in the "Business scope and remarks" section, and for foreign-invested enterprises fill in the "total investment" section at the end. Also need to fill in the enterprise management personnel registration Form.

Second, according to the General Administration of Customs announcement No. 25, 2004, registered enterprises need to provide the following documents, and in order of the following materials in A4 paper bound into a book,A4 paper binder should be equal to the paper, not larger than A4 paper:

1, "Enterprise Registration Form";

2. Registration Form of Foreign Trade Operators and Certificate of Approval (provided only by foreign-invested enterprises);

3. Copy of Business License (with company seal);

4. Certificate issued by the bank where the basic account is opened (proof of opening the basic account and account number) and a copy of the Bank Account Opening Permit;

5. National Tax Registration Certificate (copy);

6. Organization code Certificate (copy);

7, fixed production and business site certificate (such as land certificate, house rental agreement, etc.);

8, the legal representative of the enterprise or the person in charge of the private enterprise ID copy;

9. Documents of approval of contracts and articles of association of enterprises by the competent economic and trade department (foreign-funded enterprises must submit the original documents, and domestic enterprises are exempt);

10. Contracts (only provided by foreign-invested enterprises, exempted by wholly foreign-owned enterprises); Articles of Association: Both domestic and foreign enterprises are required to provide

11, "Enterprise management personnel Registration Form"; The legal representative, the general manager and the accountant in charge each have one copy, and the chairman and the general manager have one copy. All the above materials are bound in order.

3. When you come to the customs for registration, bring the above materials and the original "Capital Verification Report" together for verification.

Fourth, after the initial examination of the customs, the registration materials will be sent to the customs broker for pre-entry, and then the Customs review, the production of the "Customs Registration Certificate", the enterprise signed.
Five, engraved "customs clearance seal". Enterprises to the designated place in accordance with the unified mode of engraving seals, and then with the "Customs Registration Certificate" out of the "customs declaration seal" to the customs for the impression of the record.

To carry out import and export business, you also need to apply for "China electronic port" IC card, please refer to the "electronic Port IC Card Procedures".

First go to the customs to get a floppy disk, which has a form, and then add the customs with the information (such as organization code certificate, business license, etc.) to the customs, and then the Administration of Foreign Exchange for verification officer registration, and then to do ic card "China electronic port" IC card processing procedures

First, the enterprise fills out the "electronic port IC Card Form" Form 1 and Form 2 on the computer, please read the instructions carefully, and print out the form with A4 paper after completing it. The form is accompanied by a copy of the certificates of six units, photocopied with A4 paper: organization code certificate, business license, national tax registration certificate, customs certificate, qualification certificate or "Foreign Trade Operator Registration Form" (foreign-funded enterprises plus "Approval Certificate"), foreign exchange verification officer certificate. After customs review, input data, customs through the network to transmit data to the Qingdao Customs business card printing center and the city's relevant review departments. 2-3 days to get the printed "China electronic port Access User Qualification Examination Registration Form".

2. The enterprise shall go through the examination and approval procedures with the Qualification Examination Form and relevant written materials to the Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the National Tax Bureau. The Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau needs six originals when reviewing: code certificate, business license, national tax certificate, local tax certificate, bank account opening license or "Application for Opening Unit bank settlement Account", "Foreign Trade Operators Registration Form" (foreign-funded enterprises plus "Approval Certificate").

Third, the enterprise with the "qualification examination form" and the unit letter of introduction, the operator's ID card and a copy, No. 1, No. 2 and the copy of the six departments attached to the Qingdao Customs business card printing center (Xiling Gorge Road two new customs building business hall middle) for business card printing procedures (note: in the "network qualification examination form" below the blank note "additional export tax rebate authority and import payment authority". After returning to this city, take the Qualification Examination Form, IC card and relevant written materials to this city's Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau, Foreign exchange Administration, customs to go through the examination procedures.

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