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About patent certificates, trademark certificates, copyright certificates, etc

These certificates can enable enterprises to occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, good patents are enough to make them invincible in the market. Specifically, patents can bring us the following benefits:
1) Determine the ownership relationship of the rights of inventions and creations through legal procedures, so as to effectively protect the achievements of inventions and creations and monopolize the market in exchange for the greatest benefits;
2) In order to take the initiative in market competition and ensure the safety of their own production and sales;
3) The state has a certain policy of supporting patent registration, and will give some policy and economic help.
4) The patent right is protected by the national patent law and cannot be used by any entity or individual without the consent of the patentee.
5) Apply for patents in time for their inventions and creations, so that their inventions and creations can be protected by national laws and prevent others from imitating the new technologies and products developed by the company.
6) If you do not apply for a patent in time for your invention, someone else will file a patent application for the fruits of your labor, and in turn, Sue you for patent infringement to the court or patent administration.
7) It can promote the upgrading of products, improve the technical content of products, improve the quality of products, reduce costs, and make the products of enterprises in an invincible position in the market competition.
8) If an enterprise has multiple patents, it is the embodiment of the strong strength of the enterprise, and it is a kind of intangible assets and intangible publicity.
9) Patented technology can be sold (transferred) as a commodity, so as to achieve its economic value.
10) Good patent publicity effect
11) Avoid the embarrassment of removing exhibits from the exhibition.
In addition to the above functions of patents, having a certain number of patents is also an important indicator in the listing of enterprises and other reviews, such as: qualification review of high-tech enterprises, acceptance and review of science and technology projects, etc., patents also have a bridge role in the marketization of scientific research results. In short, patents can be used as shields to protect their technology and products; It can also be used as a spear to combat the infringement of the opponent. Making full use of the functions of patents will greatly promote the production and management of enterprises