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Eddy bulletin

  • · 2019 Spring Festival holiday arrangement
  • · The trademark was discontinued on January 22
  • · The tax scope of small and micro enterprise income tax will be halved
  • · Accelerate the integration of three certificates!
  • · The new food safety law was officially implemented
  • · Announcement: Certified enterprises beware of telephone fraud!
  • · Eddy Business and 58 city hand in hand cooperation on the line!

Industry news

  • · Buy a domain name, note trademarks, Tiktok "multi-flash" just want to do a good social? Noooo!
  • · Gongbei Customs intercepted 110,000 energy-saving lamps suspected of trademark infringement, involving a sum of 300,000 yuan
  • · Trademark Dispute!!! Flynn won the Ferrari
  • · The "BIG MAC" trademark has been revoked? McDonald's said it would appeal
  • · "Qinshui Honey" geographical indication certification trademark passed the preliminary examination
  • · Generic name or trademark? The trademark "Pien Tze Huang" was applied for invalid trademark resulting in disputes
  • · Good news! "Zhanjiang Chicken" was successfully registered as a national Geographic indication certification trademark
  • The European Big Mac's English name "Big MAC" has been withdrawn and McDonald's has lost its ownership
  • · "I am Jiang Xiaobai" in the face of trademark infringement, we must strike hard!
  • · Which is better to buy a trademark or a registered trademark?

Handling progress

  • · Check the progress of trademark renewal
  • · The patent of Miss Li charger in Zaozhuang has been authorized
  • · Jinyu trademark registration certificate of Linyi Miss Wang has been issued
  • · Linyi Miss Wang's trademark acceptance notice has been issued
  • · Linyi Mr. Chen's invention patent of polymer water purification agent was accepted
  • · Rizhao Li's motorcycle garage patent acceptance notice has been issued
  • · Notice of acceptance of trademark registration of Yimeng Family Food Co., LTD
  • · The trademark of Jiangsu Nongxin Rural Economic Information Professional Cooperative Association
  • · Sun Wanbing patent fee mitigation approval notice has been issued
  • · Linyi Jinlin Liuhua Crafts Co., Ltd. trademark application accepted
  • · The trademark application acceptance notice of Fengyu Aluminum Industry of Linyi City has arrived
  • · Ham Bingqiu's trademark registration acceptance notice has been issued
  • · Ham Bingqiu's trademark registration acceptance notice has been issued
  • · Nome Graphics trademark transfer certificate has been received
  • · The 10-year patent fee of Keneng Electronics has been paid
  • · Sun Wanbing's patent certificate has arrived
  • · The trademark acceptance notice of Xinhui Hardware has been issued
  • · Hongsen Wood Company's Chinese trademark has been accepted
  • · Ham Bingqiu's Chinese trademark has been accepted
  • · The appearance patent of Runfeng Electronics Company has been accepted
  • · Longde Family's Chinese trademark has been accepted
  • · InTI Technology Company's Chinese trademark has been accepted
  • · Zhao Lianxia China trademark acceptance notice has arrived

Trademark assignment

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